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Planning For Action Research: Logic Models and Voice Thread

Intro: I am Dr. Margaret Riel and currently the chair of the action research SIG at AERA.  I also chair the Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine University, a blended program where students create action research projects with technology.

Hot Tip: I have my students planning their action research at the moment. Since I teach online, the students need ways to discuss their plans with each other. They are using logic modes and then sharing them by creating a “gallery walk” though the logic models by using voice threads.

Cool Tools: You can find links to great tutorials and templates for using logic models collected at as action research planning strategies (about halfway down the page of planning ideas). Collecting teaching and learning strategies is the INTERACT part of the Center for Collaborative Action Research.

Cool Tools: For the gallery walk, I placed the logic models in the middle of a voice thread and then asked students to narrate their action mode. This way faculty and students can add verbal and or written comments. I will export and attach the example to the Center for Collaborative Action Research wiki-website as soon as all of the students in one of the learning circles have given their permission.


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